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GiftyLink - The Icing on

Uh oh! You forgot your best friend's birthday, or just remembered your anniversary is today! What can you do to give your friend, loved one, or family member that cake you had picked out for them?

Have no fear! Cakes Overseas now offers GiftyLink!

But how does Giftylink work?

Ordering with GiftyLink is fast, and with a simple press of the button, our mini baker bots will send your loved one an email covered in flour and your love, with details of their cake!

Your Recipient
Cakes Overseas

Step 1: Find your recipient's country and select the cake you want to send. Choose the Giftylink option! You’ll then be asked how you want Cakes Overseas to contact your recipient: Email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

GiftyLink for last-minute orders

Step 2: Scroll through our delicious card designs and write out your personalized message to them! We’ll make sure to add the cherry on top to whatever you decide!

Step 3: Just as you usually would, complete your checkout. Within a few moments, your recipient will receive a notification about your Giftylink and your sweet personalised message! As soon as they’ve opened the link and accepted your gift, you’ll receive a notification from us!

Step 4: You and your loved one can now sit back and relax as our expert bakers quickly prepare your recipient’s cake to be delivered on the soonest possible delivery day!

Just like all of our scrumptious deliveries, after your cake has been delivered with the utmost care, our customer service team will let you know via email!




GiftyLink isn’t just for an accidental missed birthday or holiday. It also makes for a great way to send your recipient options! After they have received their personalized message from you, they will have the opportunity to pick a cake they might enjoy more within the same price range or even donate the cost of it to their favorite charity in their name.

From giving your loved one options to needing a quick gift, GiftyLink is here to provide you with high-quality, fresh ingredients at the click of a button.


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