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Our company joined humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and donated a portion of our sales to the cause by helping people in Ukraine directly with financial assistance for food, water, and medical supplies via our local food suppliers and couriers.
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How to Complete Corporate Cake Bulk Order Form

Thank you for considering for a large-scale order! Our bulk order form was created with the goal of reducing processing and delivery time. Please keep the following suggestions in mind when completing the form. These are the most often inquired-about fields.

Customer Information

Fill in all of the fields. Include the email address where you’d like any order-related communications to be sent. This is the official “Sender’s Name,” which may be included on shipping slips or packaging in some situations; be sure it’s the name of the person you want the receiver to see.

Recipient Information

  • Company name: If the delivery address is a business address the business name must be included. 
  • First Name, Last Name: Please do not divide the names of the recipients into two fields.
  • Address Line: In this field, simply provide the home or building number, street name, and unit number. Please fill in the necessary fields for city, state, and zip code.
  • Country: Please pick the right location from the drop-down list or by typing it in.
  • State/Province: Only required for orders to the United States, Canada, and Australia.
  • Zip/Postal Code: Although most countries require them, a handful do not. Please double-check that your purchase has zip codes for all required countries.
  • Phone: Include each recipient’s local phone number. Please do not provide your phone number in this field. Our couriers may need to contact the recipient directly to set up a delivery time or receive clarity on directions. This is especially true if there has already been one delivery attempt. Please note that if any of the above pieces of information (numbers 2–5) are missing or inaccurate, your purchase will be delayed in processing and delivery.
  • Product Name: Choose the country of delivery first, then the gift you wish to send while exploring our website. All gifts are not accessible in every country.
  • Greeting message: Finally, include a greeting card message for each recipient and sign your card. You may make each recipient’s wording unique, or you may use the same greeting card wording for everyone on your list.

Please note that any bulk order form containing missing or erroneous address information, or any form submitted in a format other than our authorized bulk order form, will incur a one-time processing fee (starting at $20 USD) that will be applied to your invoice. Thank you for your patience!

You don’t have your recipients’ physical addresses? Do you want to send trackable e-Gifts in bulk to your email list? Your e-Gifts will reach in minutes, considerably faster than any courier service. Contact us to learn more about our Customer Loyalty and Bulk ABM solutions.

Are you sick of Excel tables? Use our newly designed Multiple Order Scheduler to make bulk orders for an endless number of recipients using a step-by-step process. Discover more in How-To article.

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