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Stay At Home Gifts

These days, there are more reasons than ever for people to be staying at home for long stretches at a time, and it’s a really good idea to connect with them by sending stay at home gifts. Whether the car is in the shop, they’re recuperating from an illness or accident, working from home, or they’re a stay at home parent with a lot of homeschooling on their plate, being isolated at home can really add stress. And friends don’t let friends suffer cabin fever! That’s why our gift experts have created a collection of the best home office gifts, quarantine gift baskets, and gifts for stay at home moms & dads.

Not sure you’re ready to order? Let’s talk about some more isolation gift ideas. We get a lot of questions, and we’ve got answers we think will help you.

People Often Ask…

What is a good gift for someone stuck at home?

The best gifts are always something you know they’ll love, and a stay at home gift is no different. We encourage you to use finding out their preferences as an excuse to spend some time talking with your recipient. Are they indulging in a little wine while they’re stuck at home? If so, what’s their favorite kind? Are they cooking more? Then a gift basket full of gourmet pantry favorites is probably a great choice. If they’re recovering from illness, then a healthy gift basket with fresh and dried fruits, nuts, and other wholesome snacks might be a good idea. For a home office, send a flower arrangement, or – if they have a green thumb – a living plant to brighten up their office space.

If you’re totally stumped on stay at home gift ideas, or you just don’t’ see exactly what you want, we’ve got an answer for that, too. You can create your own custom gift basket that’s filled only with exactly what you want for your friend or loved one. Or you can use our GiftIQ service to find out your recipient’s preferences, so our human-assisted AI can match them with their perfect gift in your budget.

How do I cheer up a friend in quarantine?

A lot of us know by now that quarantine can do more than just drive you a little stir crazy. If your loved one or friend is quarantined, it can feel lonely and the time can move awfully slowly. Make sure to reach out to them often. Call, text, connect on your favorite social media or private messaging media. Let them see your face sometimes – invest in a good camera so they can see your smile. Set up movie nights together and invite other mutual friends, so your quarantined friend still feels connected to your social circle. And, of course, we recommend sending them quarantine gifts!

It’s not just a sales ploy, either. Receiving a surprise in the post is a great feeling, especially if one is beginning to feel disconnected. What could brighten their day more than a stay at home gift basket filled with their favorite snacks, or even a personalized keepsake that reminds them you’re there for them, even when you’re apart?

When should I send stay at home gifts?

There’s ALMOST no bad time to send gifts. That having been said, the best times to send a gift for someone who stays at home will depend on the reason your recipient is staying at home. For instance, consider a stay at home parent; they might be particularly stressed out at the beginning or end of the school year, or need a little extra attention on their birthday, and they are sure to get a little burst of joy if you send a surprise for no reason at all.

Or think about the friend or family member who is working from home, they might not have a commute, but they have all the other concerns any worker has – and sometimes it can get stressful. If your favorite remote worker is having a particularly busy time, or seems like they need a break, send a work from home gift like a potted plant to spruce up their work space or a coffee gift basket that will keep them awake during late afternoon meetings, they’ll really appreciate your support while they work from home.

But if you want to send a gift for friends in quarantine, it might be best to send their stay at home gift box when they’re not in the hospital, and when they’re well enough on the road to recovery to receive it. Make sure to check with the recipient or their family if possible, about the best time to deliver quarantine gifts to them.

How do I send quarantine gifts?

We make quarantine gift delivery easy for you. Just choose the catalog for the country where your quarantined recipient lives, and enjoy browsing through hundreds of great gifts in dozens of categories. From stay at home gifts for him and her, to home office gifts and get well gift baskets for people in quarantine, you’re absolutely assured to find something your recipient will love.

Once you’ve found the gift you think they’ll love the most, add it to your cart and follow our simple, step-by-step checkout process. You’ll fill out your billing information, and your recipient’s delivery information (don’t forget to include a sweet message in their card). Pay with your favorite payment method – we accept more than a dozen payment methods – and we’ll deliver their stay at home gift soon.

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