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Our company joined humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and donated a portion of our sales to the cause by helping people in Ukraine directly with financial assistance for food, water, and medical supplies via our local food suppliers and couriers.
Learn more about our efforts in Ukraine.

About Cakes Overseas

Cakes Overseas delivers decadent, high-quality cakes around the world and right next door. Based in the United States, Cakes Overseas partners with local bakeries and sweets shops to supply you with delicious desserts for any holiday or occasion. We pride ourselves on providing a unique gifting experience from the moment you select one of our cakes with easy online ordering until you’ve reached checkout with our secure payment options. Our multilingual staff is available 24 hours a day to meet your needs, answer your questions, and provide you with world-class customer service.

The is the main cake delivery site of the brand portfolio owned and operated by Egestures LLC.


Where Do We Come From?


So you want to know more about who we are and where we come from? It’s a reasonable request and one we are really excited to share with you. We believe in transparency for our employees, our partners, and above all else, YOU, our incredible customers. We pride ourselves on being extraordinary, just like the man who made this company, Dmitriy Peregudov.

Many moons ago, Mr. Peregudov had a vision of living in a new country. With the love of his life and his family living far from him, he knew he wanted to create something that not only he could be proud of, but also the people who he cared for most. Jump ahead to today, and Dmitriy has now created a successful company employing hardworking, and creative minds to continue his vision.

Dmitriy and his team have cultivated an environment that proudly serves dozens of countries around the world while maintaining integrity, honesty, and inclusivity. Here at Cakes Overseas, we believe in creativity, generosity, and love, and we strive to provide you, our customer, a place to be emphatically yourself, just like the employees that Dmitriy hires.

At Cakes Overseas, we are a family, and we want you to be our icing, joining us as we embark on new adventures in the delicious world of cake!

About You! Our Clients


Cakes Overseas wouldn’t be here without YOU, our incredible and amazing customers and clients. From a best friend sitting on the couch with her smartphone to the CEO of a major Fortune 500 company, we strive to provide everyone with exceptional customer service, innovative (and delicious!) products, and cultivate a world where love and cakes go hand in hand. There is no celebration too small or company too large that a cake won’t fit! Our extraordinary customer service team is standing by 24/7 to help you select the perfect delicacy for any occasion, including your corporate and bulk needs as well as your nephew's fifth birthday!

Interested in our Social Media?


We love posting some of our favorite quotes, inspiring stories, and fun pictures on all of our social media. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Remember to tag us in all of your cake-related content! You can also contact our public relations team at [email protected].

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