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Cakes Overseas Unlocks the Power of Automation with a Corporate Gifting Platform

If you are in need of a more permanent gifting solution to enable you to automate gifting, send gifts in bulk and create customized gifts throughout the year, Cakes Overseas can offer gifting services through our corporate gifting platform, Giftsenda.

Cakes Overseas | Introducing the Giftsenda Corporate Gifting Platform

Why Choose A Corporate Gifting Platform?

Giftsenda is perfect for the Cakes Overseas customers that enjoy sending gifts, but want their gifts to serve a purpose: helping to grow their business. Investing in Giftsenda offers your Sales and Marketing Teams additional support by adding even more features to your gift experience. You’ll see decadent cakes on Gifsenda, backed by the Cakes Overseas team you already know, but you’ll also get the ability to do so much more:

  • Integration options for CRM platforms allow you to cut down on the time spent uploading recipient lists.
  • Start corporate gift campaigns to more than 200 countries worldwide and keep track of their progress and KPIs on an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Give your recipients the gift of choice by allowing them to choose exactly what they want (within your budget) or donate the value of their gift to charity with free-choice gift links.
  • Collaborate with team members, track gift campaign performance, monitor gift approvals, and more!
  • With Giftsenda’s automated gifting tools you only pay for gifts only after your recipients have accepted your gift invitation. This allows you to save money while fostering long-term connections with clients who interact with you.
  • Choose from 1000s of locally sourced gifts, including e-gifts, corporate hampers, tech gifts and personalized SWAG to help you stand out with our unique presents as wonderful as your VIPs.
  • Send gifts by using your recipients’ mobile numbers or email addresses — let them provide their delivery details.

What Can Giftsenda Do for Sales and Marketing Teams?

Cakes Overseas takes the hassle out of sending decadent desserts worldwide. Giftsenda goes beyond and helps turn gifting into a powerful lead generation and conversion tool for your Sales and Marketing Teams.

Examples of gifting solutions for your Sales Team include:

  • The ability to send meeting invitations via gifts. More and more research agrees people are more likely to listen and convert if they get something upfront. Increase your acceptance rate by sweetening the deal.
  • Sending gifts to remind customers that it’s time to order again.
  • As your VIPs reach anniversary milestones, send thank you gifts to make them feel even more special. Count down their years of service with gifts, remember their birthdays, or simply surprise them with a festive surprise, and watch their enjoyment skyrocket!

Gift solutions for your Marketing Team are just as exciting:

  • Create incentive programs for attending webinars or conferences.
  • Use gifts as part of requests for reviews or as survey response incentives.
  • Allow the Giftsenda team to manage your SWAG distribution and even store your branded goods for future mailing, saving you time, money, and effort.
  • To appease irate customers, offer apologies as gifts. Going above and beyond when a customer complains is the key to earning that essential second chance to satisfy them.
  • When you’re going to announce your biggest incentives with gifts, make sure they’re memorable!

Ready to get started with corporate gifting on a global scale? Sign up for FREE to see how our gifting platform works.

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